Data forwarding is an essential requirement for an IT network to function seamlessly within any organization – irrespective of the nature of its business. This holds true for connectionless as well as connection-based networks. The larger the network, the greater the importance of the switching technique so as to achieve the best route for data transmission from sender to receiver. Bluezo Bit’s range of software assets and network switches can help you optimize your WAN channels with best-in-class innovations supplemented by the latest in in-built segmentation, security measures, remote mirroring, data sharing, and protocol conversion. We also take pride in fulfilling client requirements with the latest in cloud connectivity and QoS standards. We work only with Intelligent or Smart Switches, which require nil to minimal intrusive management, allowing you to create VLANs and segment cumbersome networks into smaller, manageable workgroups. Other advantages of Bluezo’s Smart Switches include prioritization of users and applications based on 802.1q, TO, and DSCP, storage management in heterogeneous environments, cost reduction, and business scalability.

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